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Other smaller animals are occasionally used, such as large dogs, llamas and goats.

He also raises exotic animals including llamas, camels, miniature donkeys, and fainting goats.

There are llamas and goats amongst other animals that live at this farm.

Critics have disputed this by arguing that llamas, alpacas, and bison were domesticated.

She adds that llamas sometimes do get their fur ruffled with each other.

According to him, after consulting with his llamas, a shepherd foresaw the great flood.

The manor is now home to a large collection of camels, reindeer and llamas.

Female llamas can also suffer from berserk llama syndrome but their behavior is usually limited to spitting and difficult handling.

Llamas, peacocks, and other exotic animals kept in the park provide amusement for tourists.

Horseback riding is permitted on most trails, as are llamas and other pack animals.

In other studies, over half of guard llamas completely eliminated losses due to predators.

Hand spinners also use fiber from animals such as llamas, camels, yak, and possums.

They then harvested 4 antibodies that neutralized many flu strains from the llamas.

And, yes, Simon says there will be llamas on the tee boxes again.

There is also a pretty epic free petting zoo that has llamas in it.

Now a new mining operation, 65 people and two llamas are bringing it back to life.

These golden plated services would often be inlaid with llamas, butterflies or other creatures.

Llamas have started showing up in nursing homes and hospitals as certified therapy animals.

Sloane is already an accomplished artist who makes dogs and llamas out of baked clay.

If you're trekking with llamas, they can carry a picnic for you, too.

His scientific description of llamas and related species is still the most complete reference available.

She lives at a research farm in Belgium with about 130 other llamas and alpacas.

His work often involved family trips, sometimes using llamas to carry equipment into isolated areas.

Although llamas have been known to kill predators, they should not be considered attack animals.

You'll find the canisters in floor loot, chests, supply drops, vending machines and llamas.

Winter is the reason researchers have hope llamas could be used to find a coronavirus treatment.

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