Llamas are large, gentle, and intelligent animals that are often used for packing supplies in remote areas. They're also great companions for people who live in rural areas. We offer the following services:

  • Renting of Pack Llamas

  • Breeding and Stud Service

  • Guided Llama Adventures

  • Sales of Ccara Classic Working Llamas (Pack LLamas)


Benefits of Pack Llamas

Years of traveling have made many individuals weary of hauling around a large pack. Pack llamas (aka “trail llamas”) will make entering the wilderness much simpler and more pleasurable, regardless of whether you want to trek for the day, stay many nights on the mountain, or wish to hike in to your preferred fishing/hunting site.



History of Trail LLamas

The Great American Interchange, which occurred around three million years ago, is assumed to have caused the ancestors of llamas to move from the Great Plains of North America to South America. Camels and their cousins were extinct in North America at the end of the last ice age. Llamas are significant creatures in Aymara mythology. It is reported that the Heavenly Llama drinks water from the sea and pees as it rains. Llamas will eventually return to their original water sources and lagoons, according to Aymara mythology.

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