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Justin F.

Thank you Dominion for this incredible experience. Your llamas are truly awesome!


What people are saying...

These two enjoy cuddles as Mocha gets bigger and stronger. Pretty soon they'll be going on long hikes together.


Carmel and Mocha

Lucy, Lisa, Lauren, and Lori are collectively "the kids". All with top pedigrees, they represent the next generation of Dominion Pack Llamas.

The Kids

Age: 2.5 years

Personality: Tina loves a to hike and never turns down a good behind-the-ears rub.


Age: 3 years

Personality: Ivan is playfully and impish, but loves people.



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Incorporate our studs and dams into your breeding program. Contact us for more details.


Elevate the experience of your next hunt or adventure with one or more pack llamas. Pickup or delivery is available.


Looking to purchase a pack llama? All of our llamas are top pedigree working ccara pack llamas.

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